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Honourable Policy Profile

Garth Thompson President


The GCP GLOBAL CELEBRITIES is a powerful tool when it comes to developing talented artists. It's a powerful tool and resources for talented artists looking to receive the exposure they need to become very successful as talented artists. Donors and sponsors for community talented artist's development will reassure our press-kit holders of the chances they have. Our press-kit holders who're seeking to establish their pursued escape will then have a pathway through the support of the community businesses and members who're practising being in-kind. The GCP GLOBAL CELEBRITIES insiders; will not all meet the standards of receiving benefits from the program and projects. Furthermore, base on their individual approach and decision and thereafter consideration, and reviewing of policy, and the decision by GCP GLOBAL CELEBRITIES shall then a case determines, by the steps needed to be taken.


If an individual can receive the awards designed to honour a person who is thought of as an honourable person.



Suggesting the Charity rules and your self-consciousness.


Agreement in writing, verbal and self-thinking.


The person pursued escape.


The community that looks up to you.



The material of the Talented Artists being protected by the talented artists him or herself.


The agreement with talented artists and industry and all parties.

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Honourable Policy


GCP Global Celebrities

is adopting Garth Charity Projects Policy


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This is a piece of information that is concisely described to GCP GLOBAL CELEBRITIES. Furthermore, base on charities outreach that all talented artists shall adopt. No one is perfect but understands that organization and talented artists have an obligation to fulfil. You need to understand that you're embarking on a charitable, journey which means a lot, so you should think wisely. This is a message from Garth Charity Projects and GCPTALKS.

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GCPTALKS, dreams of milestones of accomplishments will be determined by who represents our organizations and corporations. Your duties are to be the best you can to hold your head up and pursue your dreams.

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