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בחירת תוכנית

  • Bronze Member

    לכל חודש
    Perfect for clients and talented artists
    • You're joining the new starter GCP-VIP*
    • This card holder is on the GCP-VIP 1star*
    • For him or her with membership you will be in the news paper
    • Only 1 thru 3 months you will be posted on the website, ETC
    • Your Photos, Videos, Interviews and press-kit
  • Star Card Membership

    לכל חודש
    You're the next interviewee on the interview show... With
    • This is a monthly Plan & Monthly Ride or Facility Shows.
    • This is where talented artists will be interview base on...
    • Base on there Biography
    • With three to five host three female and two males or
    • Three males and two females including Garth Thompson
    • Step#2, you could be interview on a bus or on a boat ride
    • Step#3 you will be tape for promotional purpose
    • Step#4 all production will be own by GCP nonprofit
    • This is to market Arts and Culture charitable cause
    • The production is gearing towards Net Working purposes
    • Globally interest with up and coming stars the celebrities
    • Interviews in the park on the streets and else where
    • Corporation sponsors+ regular Sponsors
  • Corporation Starcard

    לכל חודש
    Corporation Star Card Membership
    • Participate in Corporation donation or events
    • Corporation who support is will receive tax deductible lette
    • GCPTALKS.ORG plans for corporation to support the efforts
    • DONATE
    • 1000 corporation is need to join
    • Net working sponsors need to join
    • Nonprofit organization is welcome to join
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